Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do You Question Yourself??*

     When making life altering decisions, it's nice to have input but you are your own person.     I mean...  if you dont belive me, then look at the people throwing out advice.  Have they made wrong decisions???  Were they wrong about someone that you know???  Maybe evenpraised someobe that wasnt worth a shit because they didnt have ALL  of the facts.  Thats why I make my own decisions when it comes to MY life!  Thays not my friends' nor familys' role; they are there to support me....PERIOD!    IM a simple man...  I will do everything in my power to help and support you.  All I ask is to not be disrrspected in any way.  I shouldnt even have to ask but...  Heres a good gauge of whether or not you should do something; would you be mad if your significant other did the same thing?
     Between us there were ups and downs; a lot to do with HER situation; I mean SHEwas living with another man.  You can downplay it all you want but the fact remains.  And it takes trusting solely what the other person tells you.  Would you even believe what you are saying???  You must think what if this was done to me before you act or make a major decosion that will affect your significant other.  Unless, of course, you will die if you dont.
      People find it easy to be selfish and self-absorbeduntil its too late.
     I was giving HER the benefit of the doubt but I had both eyes wide open.  Is SHE telling the truth???  Can SHE handle a relationship with no gimmicks, no other games, and no ther dudes???  Simply meaning will SHE do something that SHE knows that will OBVIOUSLY cause issues???  If there is ABSOLUTELY no other way then of course that understandable... with No OTHER way.  Does SHE want me???  Does SHE respect my wishes or is it a game or just some other unrealistic fantasy that SHE developed through a sutreal marriage???  Hmmmmmm...  I dont know.  Do YOU???

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