Monday, August 27, 2012

When Did YOU Lose YOUR Sprirt???

     How can we trust people with our lives that we can’t trust with our heart?  The human heart is one of the deepest organs in our bodies and the closest to our souls.  Once someone has willingly and repeatedly cheated on us, they will NEVER stop just as long as we accept it.  Nobody wants to be reminded that they aren’t attractive by their mate so it’s easy to understand the psyche behind it.  Denial keeps us from feeling the pain and hurt of not being wanted and so the cycle continues until someone explodes in rage.  I have always been a realist and I understand that habitual cheaters will not stop.  There’s always going to be someone better.  People are fooled by a gift or flowers or a kind word.  After such gestures and they accept the horrible behavior, things go back to the unloving and unromantic relationship.  Time and time again this has happened.  How can a strong and opinionated woman be turned into a frightened coward?  I don’t know but I do know that people always have different options.  I only assume that these women feel that they can’t do any better than a lying cheat or that because their spouse chose many different women, they feel undesirable.  Either way it’s sad.  I never thought of my BROWNIE as a coward but what holds HER back from taking back HER dignity?  It has to be denial or fear of nobody wanting them.  Probably imbedded into HER head by HER spouse; statements like nobody else will love you like this or nobody else can provide for you like this.  Or maybe even this is a sign we should be together while all along he is plotting his next rendezvous.  I felt sorry for HER just as much as I wanted to protect HER from all of this hurt.  She didn’t have to put HERSELF through this in order to feel special or important.  Only to be reminded a few months later that she is less than second best when he cheats again.  What a horrible man to destroy a woman from the inside out and how selfish to not give HER a chance to move on and find happiness.  The ONLY one that can help HER is HERSELF.  She has to realize and accept that he did these things to HER and he did the repeatedly without conscience.  SHE has to believe that SHE deserves better before SHE can move on.  I feel sorry for YOU BROWNIE and I won’t give up on YOUR desire and fight in YOU to be better and do better than someone who disrespects YOU and will always cheat.  Brownie… Brownie you are way better than that so how did YOU get lost and consumed in this???  I know YOU can get out of this horrible relationship.  This can't be what YOU want...  There's no way that YOU want or will accept a cheating husband.