Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

     So it was official, the week of Thanksgiving was to be our second meeting.  Thanks to Skype, we had logged many hours of video chat together.  SHE was flying in and I was gonna pick HER up at the airport.  I just recently moved here and the place that I was renting didn't have a stove.  We had decided that we were going to cook Thanksgiving dinner together so I bought a stove.  Before, it was never too important because I am a bachelor and I eat out more often than I'd like to admit.  Don't get me wrong, I like to cook but cooking for one sometimes feels like overkill.
     Yes, you guessed it, I went ahead and ordered some hot panties from Victoria's Secret and they were waiting on HER cute little ass.  I was looking forward to talking, laughing, and cuddling with HER.  I decided to call HER up the day that I received my "package" cause SHE was on my mind. 
     "Hello," SHE answered.
     "Hello Brownie.  How are you doing?" I asked.
     "I'm good.  It's almost someone's birthday," SHE added.
     "Yeah... Are you ready for your flight?" I asked.
     "Yes I'm excited! Do you remember what time my flight lands?" SHE asked.
     "Of course I do and I am gonna be waiting outside in the parking lot when you arrive," I joked because when I went to see HER, SHE was outside.
     "You're funny.  You better be waiting for me," SHE said.
     "Yeah, yeah , yeah...  I hear you.  Hey I bought a stove so if you want to cook, we can," I told HER.
     "Cool!  Do you still want to cook?" SHE asked.
     "Hmmm let's see.  Guess what?" I replied.
     "What?" SHE asked.
     "Black Santa came by. He's a crazy guy," I said.
     I have always played with HER like that saying Black Santa came to let HER know that i got HER something; I mean that he did.  Why Black Santa?  Well, you know...
     "What color panties are you wearing?" I asked.
     "Let me see.  I am wearing those cute blue leopard print ones," SHE said.
     "I wanna see.  Send me a pic," I said.
     There are several of the ones that I got HER that make me horny when I see HER in them.  I loved getting pictures of HER in cute panties.  They all looked good but sometimes SHE catches just the right pose that makes me wanna bone HER.  Mmmmm... the way those panties fit HER.  I can't wait til SHE's here...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friend or FOE???

     So that was the MEETING and it went as good as it could have possibly.  I definitely wanted to meet again and see what might be.  SHE is very inconsistent!  When i say that I mean SHE likes me one day, then for no apparent reason, has a bad day and takes things out on me.  I think because SHE is scared to attack the SOURCE of HER problems.  I have done nothing but try to help HER and make HER feel good in every way.  Maybe SHE takes that for granted....I don't know.  So we continued to talk.  We continued to have sexy time on the phone too.  I really enjoyed that with HER and I think SHE did with me.  I say I think because SHE would deny me and make up excuses not to play.  The way I see it, if you are not feeling it and you know the other person is, then you should definitely cash in that rain check.  The other person shouldn't have to beg to show you affection.  Eventually, that will sour our sexy time.  I tried to explain to HER how I felt and SHE just downplayed it or ignored it all together.  I wonder if SHE will notice when, because of HER changing, our sexy time and life changes?  I wonder if SHE will blame me?  We were planning our second meeting for around the time of my birthday which happens to land near Thanksgiving; some years it is Thanksgiving Day!  Every time SHE had a bad day with jerk off or SHE got hassled by anyone else, I was there to talk to HER until the wee hours and let HER know that it was alright.  All I have ever tried to do is make HER feel better and special.  I was very sexually attracted to HER but after being turned down, for even phone play, that feeling starts to fade a little.  Why would a woman not want to be desired?  Oh well...  I picked out some more cute panties that i know SHE would look good in.  When you are there for support, even when you are busy at work, and care about someone's well being, it's a slap in the face when they complain or take their bad luck out on you.  I'm NOT perfect but I dare you to find better!  Thanksgiving is coming and I am excited to see HER.  SHE is coming to me this time so I want HER to be comfortable and enjoy HER time here...