Friday, April 12, 2013

Act Like You Do Or You Won't Have It...

     It is cool that we have quite a few similarities in our upbringing.  One that I enjoy is our appetite for some of the same basic foods.  I like my meats well-done and, of course, since SHE is with me, SHE likes HER meat well-done too!  Correction, SHE better ONLY like mines!  Ha, just joking; not really but...  I had to buy ALL of my household supplies and appliances and everything.  You should read up and catch up on to get the whole scoop on that situation.  So we were definitely working with the basics.  Even chilling on the ole air mattress at the time.  When SHE started hanging out with me, in the flesh, I noticed a physical attribute that somehow escaped me during all of our Skype sessions.  I know SHE had two of the bounciest, softest, and nicest milk jugs around cause SHE can't hide them.  SHE better not hide them around me; however, there is a time and place for everything.  I like playing with HER by giving them some of the most male chauvinistic names.  I will share more names with you later.  When SHE slept with me...

     "Damn! What is that?" I asked.

     "What?  What's wrong?" SHE asked.

     I couldn't hold in my chuckle cause I was so excited.

     "Mmmm, look at that cute little caboose!" I said.

     "Caboose?" SHE asked.

     "Yeah.  I thought YOU always said that YOU didn't have one?  And YOU are wearing those cute panties.  I love that light brown ass!" I explained.

     SHE laughed and so did I but I am dead serious.

     "Why were YOU holding out on me? That is YOUR secret little weapon," I said.

     I knew exactly why SHE didn't realize what SHE had.  Dumb ass never took the time to tell HER or I doubt he even cared.  Who cares?  I have some goodies to play with...

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