Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chez Ricky...

     So...she arrived around the time I had expected HER.  HER flight was on time and I definitely appreciated that more than anyone will ever know.  I had planned for us to possibly cook Thanksgiving dinner together and chill out and enjoy each other's company.  It was also my birthday weekend so I was looking forward to no drama and a very cool relaxation.  After all that I learned that SHE had been through, I didn't expect HER to want more drama and complications.  My feelings were growing for HER naturally since we talked and sexed each other a lot; whether it was phone boning or not.  Hopefully, SHE can get rid of that loser once and for all.  Then, we can find out what the future holds for us.  Until then, we are kinda in limbo.  Now we could rush and not play it smart but where would that get us?  If SHE doesn't drop dumb ass then nothing will ever work between us and that's just speaking realistically.  I have been very patient and more accommodating than you could possibly imagine.  Ever since the blowout about 6 months ago between HER and dumb ass this is an absolute no brainer.  Let's see how fast SHE totally separates  from him and moves on.
     HER plane landed and I was at the airport already; I just had to find my way to the baggage claim area.  We were in contact via cell phones throughout HER trip so that made everything easier.  I parked and rushed to the baggage claim.  I looked to the left, to the right , then back to the left.  SHE had already claimed HER bags and so I walked over to help HER carry them out to my truck.v

     "Hello, how was your flight?" I asked as I gave HER a hug.

     "My flight was okay but I am glad to be off of that plane.  How are you?" SHE asked.

     "I'm good.  Let me get that for you," I said.

     I motioned to HER larger bags and grabbed them up while SHE handled HER carry on.  I was pretty new to the city but we were gonna be cool; that's why GPS is a handy tool.  We were on our way after I found my truck; yes that's right found my truck, gimme a break it's a huge airport.  My place was about a 40 minute ride from there so we passed through a good portion of the city.

     "So what would you like to eat for dinner?" I asked.

     "It doesn't matter to me; something good," SHE replied.
     "Are you gonna cook for me?" SHE asked.

     "Not tonight. I figured we would grab something on the way back home if that's cool?" I explained.

     "That's perfect! I wanna get to your place and get settled in," SHE said.

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